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Aqua Force Pressure Washer Arm Brace

Aqua Force Pressure Washer Arm Brace
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Aqua Force Pressure Washer Arm Brace

As any snowmobiler knows the best way to make your equipment last is to keep it well maintained and clean. After spending many hours pressure washing trucks, trailers and snowmobiles we discovered the need to make this job easier. And that is how the Aqua Force Arm Brace was developed. Check out our demo video below:

  • The Aqua Force helps reduce arm weakness, wrist fatigue, nerve compression and the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Whether you experience these symptoms right away or in the hours after the work is completed . . . the Aqua Force can help avoid the pain.
  • The Aqua Force keeps the pressure washer wand aligned with the operator’s arm.
  • Eliminates torque in the wrist. This continued torque is what creates fatigue. By eliminating the torque you eliminate fatigue.
  • Aqua Force counter-acts the torque of the water leaving the pressure washer wand.


    • Aqua Force Arm Brace connects to any 3/8” pressure washer wand.
    • Comfort arm brace is made of stainless steel with a nylon woven armband. The nylon woven armband velcros around arm to provide better control.
    • Aluminum block is coated first with a military grade conversion coating for corrosion protection and then covered with a black powder coat. The block offers storage for up to 3 pressure washer wand tips.
    • Adjustable to fit any style pressure washer wand.
    • Adjustable for operator's comfort.
    • Feel the greatest results on pressure washers of 2500 PSI or higher.
    • Made in USA