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Shipping Information:

Outside orders of the U.S. please contact us by email or phone first. We will try to accommodate international shipping but due to shipping laws, costs, and rules set forth by the manufacturer some items may not be shipped. If an order is place prior to contacting us your item may be subjected to additional shipping costs, or canceled.

Most orders will be shipped by the next business day after purchase. In the case that an item is out of stock or on back order, the customer will be notified before the order is completed with an approximate arrival time. If the customer decides to cancel the order he/she has the option to cancel the order within three days of notification of the out of stock item.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

Please notify us by email or by phone on any exchanges, refunds, or returns. Many of our items have guarantees (limited and lifetime)and will be honored accordingly. In the event that an item was shipped wrong on our behalf we will pay the return shipping charges. In any other event of return or exchanges the customer will be responsible for shipping charges. Customers have 15 days upon receipt of the item for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Is everything really made the in USA?

A: Yes, to the best of our knowledge everything is made in USA, in the event an item was changed by the manufacturer and is found to not be made here anymore, a full refund will be honored.

Q: Is everything 100% made the in USA?

A: We go out of our way to find products as close to 100% as possible. We have chosen to not carry many products i.e. tee shirts because the shirt was made in USA but the material was imported. Most of our products are 100%, but some products may contain small parts, (micro chips, screws) or other parts/material that may be imported.