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Family Lore Game

Family Lore Game
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Members of a family -- people who have shared histories -- play FamilyLore. The FamilyLore Board Game is a fun way for family members and friends to learn about their family history, genealogy, ancestors, and tradition. Great for gifts and family reunions, FamilyLore can be personalized and customized for your family.

Dazzle friends with your family stories Share the best part of you Your Life Find out how you and your friends are alike and different Have the time of your life, laugh, be serious, reminisce A long time ago, FamilyLore Game creator, Bob McClure made a game for his family,“McClore”. For years they played it, adding questions, creating lasting memories. Now, that game in a new edition is available. No better way to engage you and your friends in good fun. The game is so easy to play: Players move around the board, landing on one of 20 themes and answering a question about some part of their life work, school, celebrations, family, pets, cars and bikes, etc. Later, after the game has been played for awhile, players begin to add their own questions, making it unique to their family and friends.

Three to ten family members can play. If young players have not yet learned to read, others can read the questions for them.

FamilyLore is for players to have a good time and to recall family stories. The game gets moving with 240 "generic" Story Cards.