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UFLC Light Bulbs

UFLC Light Bulbs
Is it costing you too much to brighten the interior of your living space? Save money on lighting costs for your home with energy-efficient light bulbs from our company based in Sparks, Nevada

UFLC Inc. is a new family-owned business, that is the only legal U.S. manufacturer of Newcandescent™ light bulbs. These bulbs have an average life span 10,000 hours, providing you and your family with more light for a lot less money!

For Your Satisfaction. Newcandescent light bulbs fulfill all federal standards when it comes to energy efficiency.

For Benefits of the Newcandescent Bulbs they offer:
  • Proudly made in the USA,
  • Meets DOE of being 30% more efficient,
  • Rough Service Rated,
  • 7 Support Filament Mounting,
  • Triple Alloy Tungsten Filament,
  • Excellent Lumen Maintenance,
  • Brass Base prevents any Corrosion,
  • General illumination for Home Lighting and Fixtures.

    Filled with Krypton gas to make last 10 times longer and meet new federal standards for rough use making these Newcandescent Light Bulb perfect for General lighting and is the same Warm Glow you grew up with!

    If you're still not sure, take comfort in the 2-year warranty and replacement warranty. Each protects you from defects and faulty workmanship. Simply return your bulb with receipt, within the warrented time,for a full replacement and peace of mind.