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Sledez Snowmobile Dolly

Sledez Snowmobile Dolly
Sledez Snowmobile DollySledez Snowmobile DollySledez Snowmobile DollySledez Snowmobile Dolly
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Made in the USA!

Key Features Of The Sledez Snowmobile Dolly:

  • Manufactured of plastic to be lightweight and durable.
  • Plastic design allows for easy loading and unloading. Skis slide over the dolly smoothly.
  • Plastic reinforced with steel tubing to add strength.
  • Adjustable to accommodate a large variety of snowmobiles. Designed to even accommodate older sleds.
  • Large caster wheels to roll over even the toughest terrain.

** Patents Pending **

Instructions Loading:

    1. Roll dolly between skis under the snowmobile so that the tail section (bottom of “T”) is touching the front part of the snowmobile’s track.

    2. Make sure the dolly is centered and that the skis are equal distance from the center of the dolly.

    3. Adjust the head of the “T” so that it is 6” or more from touching the front of the skis.

    4. Start snowmobile.

    5. Making sure you are ready to engage the brake begin to slowly drive onto dolly.

    6. Stop snowmobile when the skis are centered on the head of the “T”.

    7. Turn snowmobile off and engage snowmobile’s parking brake.


1. Fully extend braking rope on ground in front of dolly.

2. Make sure all objects are clear of the rear of the snowmobile and dolly.

3. Start snowmobile and disengage the snowmobile parking brake.

4. Making sure you are ready to engage brake, slowly engage throttle to drive snowmobile off of dolly.

5. Advance snowmobile past braking rope.

** Patents Pending **