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Turkeywoods Farm Hickory Syrups

Turkeywoods Farm Hickory Syrups
Why Insist on Turkeywoods Farm Hickory Syrups?

  • Only Turkeywoods Farm gourmet Shagbark Syrup and Hickory Nut Syrup are CT Specialty Foods syrup Award Winners!
  • These are New England’s only Hickory Syrups: versatile alternatives to maple syrup.
  • We offer a variety of fresh syrups, and are world’s only commercial producer of exclusive hickory nut syrup.
  • Our all-natural process is backed by 20+ years of scientific experience.
  • These are all-natural artisan syrups, and contain no preservatives.
  • Prepared form natural sucrose, not corn syrup.
  • Superior flavor derived from hand-picked ingredients.
  • All of our syrups are crystal clear - no cloudy precipitate, no pulp, no seeds.
  • Crystal-clear bottles of Mystic Hickory Shagbark and Hickory Nut syrups make beautiful, unique yet affordable gifts.
***Orders for the Hickory Syrups include free shipping***